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I'm Glenn

I help digital agencies build web experiences using my expertise in Nuxt, Laravel and Wordpress

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My Development Skillset

I'm a full stack developer crossing multiple disciplines and I'm fully capable of single-handedly handling full builds of complicated applications including web apps, mobile apps and games - both front end and back end.

My creative problem solving skills mixed with 14+ years of professional development experience places me in a unique position to turn most project ideas into a reality. Add in my design background and you'll be sure it will look good too.
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"Having worked with Glenn for several years, the last of which was on a full-time basis, I can vouch for the quality of his design and development work. What may not come across from Glenn’s profile or portfolio is how willing he is to throw himself into new, challenging situations and take on related tasks and responsibilities where his skillset is very much transferable. A great example of this is his video production work.

If you’re looking for a freelance designer/developer, I would recommend you snap Glenn up before his schedule books up.

He’s also a good, friendly guy to have around. Oh, and ask him about his TV career, too!"
Prask Sutton
Founder & CEO at Onvi
How I can help You

Here's what I can help you with

I can turn your design into a precise and responsive custom Wordpress Theme
Code custom functionality into a Wordpress Plugin
Build a Single Page App using Nuxt with SSR or Vue JS
Bring to life ambitious project ideas
WebGL, 3D and Canvas
Animated and ultra-interactive award-worthy websites
Mobile app development
HTML5 Game development
Backend API development using Node, Express or Laravel
Complex Laravel application development
AWS or Google Cloud integration
I have spent my career building many advanced web projects, quite often for one off events and for global brands. I've pushed the boundaries and solved problems that others couldn't.

Dream it up and run it past me - I can probably help you.
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Past Clients

Custom functionality?

I code features from the ground up using Javascript or PHP and problem solving skills honed from over 14 years of experience developing custom websites and web apps full of unique functionality.

From brainstorming and planning out the architecture of a web backend or API, customising the checkout flow of Woocommerce, all the way to building an interactive isometric 3D explorable city within a website. I've not failed to achieve the desired functionality required in a project.

Hire a Senior Full Stack Digital Creative who understands design too

It’s rare that you’ll find someone who has held the position of Tech Lead and also as Senior UI/UX Designer. That’s why I have the ability to help you in a multitude of ways with your next project.

Coding performant web-apps and designing sleak layouts is my bread and butter.

I also have skills and experience in Game Development, 3D Modelling, 3D Architectural Visualizations, Video Editing, Animation and Motion Graphics. By engaging me you get these skills included along with strong development & design abilities.
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How can I help you?

Simply book a call and we can discuss your goals and find a solution so you can reach your targets.
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