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Is your website doing it's job?

Your website should be working for you, it should be selling your service or product 24/7. Yet it probably isn't doing that right now, hence why you're looking for web designer.

The problem is that many websites are unoptimised, poorly designed, have a bad user experience, and are irrelevant to the needs of the desired customer. You probably might not be aware of some of these though, but you can certainly feel that something is off about your current website.

For the best possible outcome your website needs to be designed with a specific goal in mind.

  • Are you looking to generate leads?
  • Are you trying to sell a product or service?
  • Would you like more phone calls?
  • Are you trying to establish a brand?

When you work with us, we make sure that we’re clear on the goal first. Then we use our experience to create for you a beautiful website that meets your goals whilst looking slick and professional.

The Process

3 Steps To An Effective New Website


Discovery Call

No matter what your current website looks like, if it’s not getting you new customers then we can have a call to find out your business problems and develop a strategy to solve them.

Custom Web Design

We’ll take the findings from our discovery call to design and build a beautiful and effective new website that works for you and will reach your business goals.

Launch and Support

With your new website launched, we can host it so that you don't have to worry about the technical bits. We'll keep it secure and regularly backed up. We'll also help you with any issues.
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“Glenn at Flywolf knows his stuff! Our business has grown due to the website Glenn made and the ease of which our more mature clients browse the pages. Furthermore, it's easy to add and delete pages so the site stays bang upto date.”
Steve, NK Holidays
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What we achieve
The Outcome

Customer Focused

Your website will be designed so that your potential customers will find it easy to use, and therefore become more likely to do business with you.

Easy to Maintain

No one likes hard work! Should you wish to update your website by yourself you will find it easy to do so. Video tutorials can be requested and made too.

Mobile Ready

On average over 70% of website usage on most websites are from mobile devices. Your new site will be optimised to display beautifully on mobile.

Google Friendly

Your website will be optimised to perform well in Google so that people can find you online. We can also offer one of our ongoing monthly SEO plans.

Goal Oriented

Every website should have a goal, the outcome of your new website is that your potential customers will be funnelled towards the goal you set out.

Fast Hosting

We have fast and secure servers and use the best technology to host websites. Your website can be hosted with us for the best uptime and fastest load times.

Legal Stuff Handled

Cookie policies and GDPR are here to stay. On our maintenance plans we auto-update your legal pages so your website adopts latest regulations.

Metrics Tracking

Included with every website is an analytics suite that will allow you to see how many people are looking at your website and how they are using it’s features.
You can upgrade your website to look more professional, exclusive and higher end so that you can attract higher paying clients.
Frequently Asked Questions
How much will a new website cost?
It can vary depending on what you want your website to do. Prices start at £975 for a simple site with only a few pages. For more advanced sites with some extra functionality it can range around £2400 to £3600. Ecommerce (online shops) start at £4800. For much bigger and more complex website the price can go up to over £6000 in some cases. As a rule, the price increases with the size and complexity of the website.
Do I need to have text ready for my new website?
If you have some idea of the copy to go on your website then that is great! We can work with that. If however you don't have any text ready, then we can provide copywriting services for an extra cost. The price will vary depending on how much writing is to be done of course. Copywriting starts at £150 per page to give you an idea of price.
What if I don’t have good photos?
That's not a problem. We can look at using some stock photos, or if you're local in Kent UK we can arrange a session of photography or even video and aerial videos with a drone should it be required.
Do I have to be in UK or Kent to use your services?
The beauty of the internet is that it's worldwide. We can and have serviced companies in UK, Europe, America and Australia. Location is no issue. We will have our face-to-face meetings over Zoom or Microsoft Teams.
How soon do I have to pay for my new website?
Our policy is that after a proposal for work is accepted, 50% of the payment is to be made up front as a deposit before any work commences. The final 50% is due when the website is complete and launched. If money is an issue, we can discuss a longer payment plan in certain circumstances, but there will always be a requirement for some percentage upfront before work starts on your new website.
Will I have to host my own website?
If you decide that you would like to host your own website then you can, however, we do not support websites that are not under our full control. This means that if anything goes wrong on a self-hosted site that we have made, we won't be able to fix it since it is out of our control. In some circumstances we might be able to help but you will be provided with a cost in order to fix.

The alternative and easier way for you is to subscribe to one of our maintenance plans. For a set monthly price we would be happy to handle all of your hosting needs for you so that you don't have to worry about anything technical. We have varying levels of maintenance packages which offer enhanced security for your site, backups, and support if anything goes wrong - bringing you peace of mind.
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How much does a new website cost?

New Business Startup Website Design

Starting from
Templated Design
Up to 5 pages
Contact Form
GDPR & Cookie Compliant
Mobile Ready
Quick turn-around
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Web Design for Established Businesses

Starting from
Design branded to your business
Brochure Site upto 10 pages
Blog/Latest News
Contact Form
Mobile Ready
GDPR & Cookie Compliant
Basic On-site SEO Setup
Make An Enquiry

Websites with Advanced Functionality

Starting from


Design branded to your business
All the pages you need
Blog/Latest News
Contact Forms
CRM Integration
Custom functionalities
Mobile Ready
GDPR & Cookie Compliant
Intermediate On-site SEO Setup
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Ecommerce Online Shop Website Design

Starting from


Design branded to your business
Online shop
Payment Gateway Integration
All the pages you need
Blog/Latest News
Contact Forms
CRM Integration
Custom functionalities
Mobile Ready
GDPR & Cookie Compliant
Intermediate On-site SEO Setup
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These prices are a starting point. Depending on complexities required for individual projects we may add on costs when required. To get an accurate price please get in touch and we can discuss your individual requirements.
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