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Ed Dale - the renowned internet marketing expert - approached me to build him a new website that would be the main pillar of his online marketing approach.

This is one of my favourite designs I have put together for a website. The bold orange colours creates a striking brand and feels - at least to me - very clean and easy to look at.

The purpose of the website is to introduce prospects to Ed's teachings and generate leads that will eventually become paying customers.

With internet marketing blog web design, the focus is on converting users through a funnel. The Home page is very focused on gaining an email from the visitor in exchange for giving them a free downloadable (and very valuable) book. This subscribe form was intended to not take the user off the page like some other forms of its type, so I coded a custom integration to Infusionsoft to enable this functionality. Ed has received many thousands of subscriptions through this form.

In addition to his website, I helped behind the scenes on a product launch where the product sales brought in sales in the 6 figure range.

Here's what Ed had to say:

Glenn is the brains behind the design and functionality of the Your First Dollar Website and there are so many innovations with this website. It looks absolutely amazing and it doesn't matter if you're using a phone, a tablet or a desktop, its all completely designed to work that way.

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