Wi-5 Management Portal Demonstration

Conceptual product demonstration to generate interest in a new software platform

Project Description

A London Startup needed to have a demonstration of their upcoming product to show potential investors.

The product was not yet in existence however.

I architected and designed the entire UI/UX flows and interfaces of their application which would potentially become the product offering of the startup.

To show it off, I animated the screens of the app together to make it feel like it's working.

Then I incorporated it all into an attractive motion graphic animation sequence that tells the story of how the product would potentially work.

The cherry on the cake is a nice 3D animation of the company logo and voila! One non-existant app is born into existance ready for investors to get excited about!

3D animation of the company logo
product demonstration in a dynamic eye-catching manner
Illustrating points of interest within the conceptual application
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