Pick'em Up

Lego game made in Unity

Project Description

Lego partnered with the Unity Game Engine and set a competition to make an original game idea involving Lego.

I decided to take part and created this custom coded game idea.

Have you ever sat down to build a Lego set, open out the bags of lego on your table and just wished that the bricks for the step you're on could be magically delivered by a tiny Lego forklift truck? Me too!

Now you get to drive that forklift! Play Pick'em Up and drive a Lego forklift around the table top and search for the next brick. But hurry, you have a limited time until that brick expires. Once you have picked up the brick by ways of telekinesis, you have to deliver the brick back the the Lego instruction booklet.

Your goal is to deliver as many correct pieces in 3 minutes and get the highest score. You are awarded more points if you deliver quickly.

The game didn't win, but it got an honourable mention by the Unity and Lego teams. One of the team even built the forklift truck and showed it on their camera whilst introducing my game in the livestream. It was emotional.

I'll give you a discount on your next project with me if you can score over 800 in 3 minutes 😉

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Drive the forklift truck around the table
Pickup Lego bricks
Deliver the brick to the build instructions booklet
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