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Project Description

When Intelligent Interiors said they wanted a website that shows off their core product offering, I sat there and said "Well, how about we have an interactive 3D apartment and an iPad on screen so your users can press the buttons and actually open the blinds or turn on the lights and see it happen?"

Their response was "Sounds great!"

I then set forth and designed an apartment in 3D and created a custom coded homepage that allows the user to control the room. Moreover, it works on Desktop and Mobile devices quite seemlessly (even switches out the iPad for an iPhone!)

The rest of the site was designed to be strikingly different with the diagonal lines - which was a challenge to integrate without making the design too disjointed.

In the end it worked out quite nicely. The end result is a website that demonstrates exactly the solution they offer to their clients - Home automation.

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The interactive 3D room works on mobile as well as desktop
This is the entire home page desktop design.
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