Chestnut Court Arch-Viz

Architectural Visualisation and Green Screen

Project Description

A new development was underway and I was tasked with creating architectural visualisation and 3D interior scenes of a soon to be built apartment complex.

I converted floorplans and exterior elevations into 3D models and then decorated them using Blender.

We created a real life set for some actors to perform within, then matched that set to the 3D interior. We also filmed the actors on green screen in order to composite them into the 3D environment.

The intention was to create seemlessness between the 3D and the live action.

I worked in collaboration with a videographer on this project.

The final promotion video can be viewed here:

Exterior modelled and rendered in Blender based on architect's plans
Green screened actor on a 3D modelled set
Interior made to match real life set for easy video matching across live action shots and 3D shots.
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More Work

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