My name is Glenn Mason, I'm 33 years old. I'm currently based in Rochester, Kent. I'm a digital creative - creating all sorts of things using computers - maybe I have a skill or ability that you're in need of!

For a bit of background about me and why I'm quite diverse in skillset, my story with digital creativity started at age 12. As a hobbyist making maps and levels for the games Doom, Duke Nukem, Half-life and Counter-Strike from an early age it set me on a path to learn more and more about what can be done with computers. I started learning to code at a similar time in the pursuit of making my own computer games. Additionally, learning 3D modelling skills so that I could make models for the computer games I would later on go on to make myself.

At around the age of 14 I began to program my own games with Macromedia Flash, most notably a game called 'Hovercraft Challenge' which involved steering a hovercraft sideways around a challenging course set to a time limit. Sharing this amoungst my friends I improved it based on feedback and really enjoyed the process.

Whilst in secondary school MySpace became a thing, and I quickly found myself designing and coding custom MySpace profiles for my own profile as well as my friends - little did I know it at the time but this was to be the start of my web design career.

Still in school, I created an online forum that became a popular online hang out amoungst my peers, I would customise it, redesign it and improve it - until its demise when Facebook arrived...

Electing to leave school at 16, skipping sixth form, college and University I went straight into the big-wide-world and found that I could earn money making websites for friends and family on the big world-wide-web.

Following a brief stint in the British Army to be a Unmanned Aerial Systems operator but ultimately getting medically discharged I joined an Office Refurbishment company to handle their marketing and web presence. At this company I honed my skills and learned quickly in a commercial environment how to make print ads and brochures and to do social media marketing, by age 19 I managed to get my first professionally created website to the number 1 spot on Google for the phrase "office refurbishments".

Additionally, whilst at the office refurb company I had the chance to develop my 3D artist skillset by creating many Architectural Visualisations of offices which were to be refurbished - a service not previously offered by the company until I suggested and started producing them.

Moving on from this I joined my first dedicated web design agency and began creating highly professional websites at age 20.

As the money grew while now working as a professional web developer, I realised that I could take up a hobby which I had always wanted to since childhood - building and flying Radio Controlled aircraft.

This would later lead me down a path to appearing in a 3-part series on Channel 4 as a pilot in Battle of Britain: Model Squadron.

This would also be the genesis of another future service offering as I found myself strapping cameras to DIY drones in pursuit of beautiful aerial photography. Now I use more advanced DJI drones to provide Aerial Videography services with the dramatic advantage in this case of having at present day over 10 years of experience flying radio controlled aircraft.

Over the following years I continued to work for different agencies on huge household named brand websites, and on and off as a freelancer. For 3 years I helped a London startup to get funding by being a Tech Lead and assisting in architecting and programming the technology behind their platform.

In 2019 it was time to make it official - I registered Flywolf Ltd with the goal of providing a myriad of valuable digital services to other businesses who could benefit from them. The name was based on my passion for aviation, and for a general appreciation of Wolves (and because one day I would love to have a pet Husky!). Flywolf is born.

Since then I have worked on many NDA projects for large companies as well as many projects for small to large sized businesses, helping them to achieve targets and increase sales.

I have also gotten a bit more serious about aviation and got my own feet off the ground by learning to fly paramotors, and I always look forward to the next fair weathered day so I can fly again.

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